Cycles I & II Summary

Since 2019, CRAFT’s Board of Directors, Technical Working Group (TWG) and staff have worked with growers to develop a total of 103 CRAFT projects accounting for nearly 4,700 acres of newly planted solid and reset citrus groves across 15 counties and covering all of the major citrus-growing regions in Florida. Cycle One accounts for 45 contracts, while Cycle Two saw an additional 58 contracts added to the program. These contracts fall in to one or more of five basic research categories: resets, rootstock/scion, plant and soil nutrition, pest management, and biostimulants.

All of the Cycle One projects have been fully planted and have now moved in to the data collection process. Grower participants are actively submitting production data to the CRAFT Data Portal, while CRAFT partners – Aerobotics and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS-DPI) – are collecting tree health and pest management data.

Cycle Two projects are beginning to go in to the ground and will all be fully planted by December 2021. Upon completion of planting, those growers will also begin submitting production data to the Portal.